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  • Deck the halls

    The other day I received a Big Lots ad.  I normally trash them straight away but the subject caught my eye.  Christmas stuff was on sale.  I’m looking for a new tree so I decided to check out the ad.  While I didn’t see any trees I felt would work, I did see a pair of 4.5 foot lighted trees in urns for $35.00.  Umm sold!  I called the Big Lots near my office but they were out so I called the store closest to my house and they still had some in stock.  I ran to Big Lots after work and picked up my new trees.

    I got home and put them together and got them fluffed and ready for outside.  Then Matt asks how I plan to light them.  Umm, I don’t know.  He’s the outside light guy!  Since our timer only had one additional plug and the cords on the trees weren’t long enough I was unable to immediately plug them in.  I ran to Lowes on Saturday and found a cool split plug.  It’s a little bigger than we needed but I’m sure it will come in handy.  I now have the icicle lights, and both trees plugged into the timer.  YAY!



    That left my wreath.  I guess sitting in the garage for a year didn’t do much for the lights because when Matt plugged it in a few weeks ago it didn’t work.  I picked up more lights and I told  Matt I’d redo them yesterday.  About 3 pm he grabs the wreath and starts trying to take the lights off only to realize they were clipped in place.  He spent the next half hour or so taking them off while I took a quick nap.  I woke to find new, working, lights on the wreath.  I fluffed and secured a few of the new lights before reattaching the bow and adding a few Christmas ornaments. It’s not my best Christmas wreath by far but it will do.  So now I think I have all of my Christmas stuff up and in place.  With the exception of the table.  I think I want to do a little more with it but I’m not sure what.  I feel like table settings are my weakness.