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  • And the winner is….

    The Audi Q5.  The decision was made last night after we got a few more numbers in.  Now we just need to pick a color.  We are going to the Audi dealership tomorrow afternoon to put down our deposit and pick out our colors.  We know we want the black interior but we haven’t decided between the Monsoon Grey or the Moonlight Blue.  Either way it looks as though we will have to wait 3 WHOLE months to get our car.  I’m not gonna lie, this is going to kill me and I won’t be driving it everyday.

    The car will have to be built and shipped over from Germany.  They are pretty popular right and there just aren’t a lot on the lots.  Of course, we are being a bit pickier but for the price I guess we should.  I’ve never ordered a car before so this whole process is new to me.  The thought of having a car “custom” made just for you never really crossed my mind.  I guess I always thought it would cost more but surprisingly it costs just the same.  Huh!


    That’s the Monsoon Grey.  MMMM pretty!