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  • Tights are not Pants!

    There I said it.  More and more I see girls who are under the impression that they should wear tights with sweatshirts or sweaters or anything else that doesn’t bother to cover their ass.  What’s worse is when you can see through them AND they aren’t wearing underwear.  First off that is just gross.  Seriously I side eye the hell out of you for that.  Secondly it does NOT look good.  There I said that too, YOU DO NOT LOOK GOOD!

    Over the weekend while Matt and I were at the game a girl was at our tailgate wearing a sweatshirt and tights.  While she wasn’t a large girl, she was by no means small.  Plus you could see straight through them sans undies.  She couldn’t have been warm and well……yeah.  So wrong.  Then I went to Michael’s on Sunday and sure enough the girl in line in front of me, tights and a sweatshirt.

    This trend must stop.  Girls, I’m telling you even the guys think its awful.  Please stop!  But for god sake if you do please wear undies.