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Weekend recap – I touch your food

Weekend recap – I touch your food

A long weekend was much needed after the chaos of last week.  It was nice to wake up Friday morning and go lay on the beach all day.   It was super hot outside and I was glad we decided to buy another umbrella at Costco last weekend.  I managed to take a few pics with my new lens.  I also decided to play wiht the manual settings on my camera.  Much to my surprise I think I did pretty well.  It was nice to have a sunny day and be able to just sit and play with the different settings.  And just for reference I took a couple in auto to see how they compared.  I will post some pics for Foto Friday.

Saturday was a repeat of Friday and after a day of roasting on the beach we decided to go to the Boundary House in Calabash.  The food was really good but I was beyond shocked when our waitress decided to grab the grilled shrimp off our friend’s plate.  His order was all kinds of wrong.  He ordered fried shrimp, crab cakes and fish.  The shrimp was grilled and well there were no crab cakes at all.  He didn’t mind the oysters that he received instead of crab cakes but he and his wife were both looking forward to the fried shrimp.  The waitress’s idea was to just take the grilled shrimp so she grabbed the shrimp off his plate, with her hands. UGHH!  Then she brings them back because “they were just going to throw them away.” *shakes head*  Finally she brings a measly 4 fried shrimp.  After the ordeal we were all kind of stunned.  I finally was like “who does that?  Who grabs your food off your plate and then brings it back?”  Apparently she heard me because a minute later she stops by to make sure it was okay.  I’m still just like WTF?!?!   Aside from that we had a good dinner.

I would say the overall trip was really nice and relaxing.  I am really glad our friends were able to join us.