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  • Changes

    I feel like life has been busy and boring all at the same time. This weekend Matt and I headed to the beach to spend some time with his cousin Emma who is visiting from London. The girls had a nice day on the beach while the guys played golf. I actually got some sun. While we were on our cruise I tried hard not to get burnt fearing I would have to stay out of the sun for the rest of the trip but this I said to hell with it. I only got a little toasty considering we stayed out from 11 – 4. But man I really needed some color!

    Work has been crazy busy the last few days because of some changes, good changes actually. My manager took another position and my group was absorbed into another group. Now I will no longer be doing the things I didn’t like and will be able to focus more on the stuff I did like. It seems this new change might be pretty good. I wasn’t so sure last week but having met with the new folks makes me excited.

    Crazy the difference a few days can make.

    ~ k

  • Weekend recap….in photos

    After we dried out from Wednesday’s concert, Matt and I woke up Thursday morning to get ready to go to the beach.  It rained most of the way down there and a few times the bottom fell out.  On Friday we decided to run to the outlets since the weather didn’t look promising.  I think that was the right call.  We didn’t find much at the outlets so I was a little disappointed.  But we did run by Bass Pro Shop and bought me a nice pink WATER-PROOF pull over!  I have no clue if it is really water-proof but it says so on the tag!

    Saturday Matt and his dad woke up early and went to play golf.  A little later the girls got up.  While we were sitting around the breakfast table a nasty cloud popped up.  I decided to be optimistic and asked Emma, Matt’s cousin, if she wanted to anyway.  She said yes so me, her and Matt’s mom changed and headed out.  As luck would have it was a really nice day at the beach.  We stayed a few hours and even got burnt.  Later that afternoon we went over to Ocean Isle Beach.  The beach has started to erode.  Turns out at the end of the island 3rd Street is now ocean front.  {Note at the other end 1st Street is ocean front}






    That was pretty much our weekend.  On Sunday morning we packed up and headed home.  But not before it rained a little more!  Ughh!