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  • Beach Blowout (We lost fuzzy!)

    Wednesday night after work, Matt and I headed for the beach.  Julio’s had a UTI for the past few days so I was kind of worried about him even though he took his last antibiotic before we left.  The drive out of Raleigh was miserable with torrential rain, then we had to deal with traffic, plus 2 kitties.  Once we got out of traffic I let Julio out his carrier and he seemed to ride pretty well.  He would come sit in my lap, sit back in his carrier, walk around the back seat but he was being  good.

    We got right outside of Wilmington when we started to smell something.  Matt said it was probably one of the chemical plants we were passing but as we got to Leland the smell got worse.  We started laughing that Hal had poop’ed in her carrier.  I needed a restroom break so we stopped at a gas station.  I hop out and check on Hal.  Sure enough she’s poo’ed all in the carrier and all over herself.  I grab her out and take her over to a grassy spot.  I tell Matt to get paper towels.  So like 10 minutes later, after he’s futzed around in the back of the car, and finally gone inside, he comes over empty handed.  I’m like “where are paper towels?!”  He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a couple!  WTF?!!?!  At this point I’m super annoyed because I’ve been trying to corral a cat covered in poo.  I tell him to watch her and run back to the car, grab my card, use the restroom, BUY some paper towels and ask the cashier for several bags.  He bags up her carrier bedding while I use the spigot by the grass try to get some of the poo off.  I finally get her somewhat acceptable, we put her in the carrier back in the car and head to the IL’s house.

    About 3o minutes later we pull in and I immediately take Hal to the bathroom.  As if it weren’t bad enough she didn’t feel well, she then had to have a bath.  Poor thing acted like she was on the verge of hyperventilating when I finally got her out of the tub and wrapped in a towel.  I cuddled her and then put her in our bathroom to dry off.

    In the almost 14 years I’ve had Hal, she’s NEVER had an accident before – anywhere.  The only thing I can think is that the can food I gave her before we left didn’t sit well, plus the stress of riding.

    Unfortunately Hal’s favorite toy forever, Fuzzy, was in her carrier.  Of course he was covered in poo.  I decided I would try to save him on Sunday morning but having sat in plastic bag covered poo for a few days the stench was awful.  I couldn’t bring myself to even try to wash him so he ended up in the trash.  I feel really bad since Fuzzy is the only real toy Hal’s ever played with.  She used to talk to him at night.  Cutest thing ever!  Since moving in with Matt and Julio, I don’t know that she’s really played with him but I always felt better knowing Fuz is with her.  I’ve seen other Fuzzy’s around so he may reappear, though he will never be the same.