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    I am lusting over wedge boots.  Fall is quickly approaching and with the ever popular skinny jeans fad (which I broke down and bought) I feel like I need a pair of tall brown boots.  I have a black pair and I have a pair of cowboy boots from Lucky Brand but I don’t have any semi dressy brown shoes/boots.

    I know Matt isn’t going to be happy with my newest obsession but really, I mean a girl needs shoes.  And he should know this.  You should see his shoe collection, it puts mine to shame.

    The only problem is I don’t want to spend a lot of money on more boots.  I think $50-$60.00 would be fine.  I’ve found a few cute options but I have to decide what I think I would like more.

    This cutey is from Target and only $39.99.  I LOVE the look of this boot but I’m scared the heel would make it a little unpractical for every day wear.

    The next pair I found is a cute little number from DSW.  They are $49.94 and I think they would be everything I wanted.  Sorry I can’t get the pic to copy from the site.

    Hopefully I will find something soon.