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  • Thanks eBay!

    A month or so ago Matt and I were in Banana Republic when I saw this adorable necklace. The price tag of $59.50 was also adorable. Not! So a few weeks ago I decided to see if I could find a knock-off online. After a few searches I finally found the same necklace but in different colors and for a more reasonable price of $25.00 with shipping. Heck yeah!

    About 2 weeks ago I realized the estimated shipping date had passed and still no necklace. I knew it was shipping from China and I had a tracking number but I couldn’t find any shipping service that the tracking number worked with. I decided to email the seller just to make sure my package hadn’t been delivered to the wrong address. She promptly responded and said it would be a few more days before the necklace would likely arrive. She also included a tracking link. By this time the necklace was in New Jersey so I felt good.

    I had a pretty crappy past few days so I was pretty happy when Matt got the delivery notice in the mail on Friday. We had missed the package and would have to pick it up from the post office. Saturday morning we ran by and picked it up. The box was wrapped in plastic and then covered in clear tape. No way in hell I was getting in that sucker till we got home.

    I was really surprised once I got the tape and plastic off to see my necklace was in a cute purple glittery jewelry box. When I opened it I found the necklace had been wrapped in bubble wrap and each individual medallion had been wrapped as well. Needless to say it took awhile to get everything off of it. I must say I am super happy with the necklace and the seller. 🙂