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  • Breakfast for dinner…

    I think so.  I guess I should preface this by saying that for maybe 2 weeks or so I have been craving hash browns, like the ones from McDonalds.  But alas each day as I’m headed to work I never have just enough extra time to stop.

    Tonight Matt and I ran to the grocery store.  We were out of oh, you know, food.  😉  Really we just needed some of the essentials like bread, cheese, milk, and lunch stuff.  As we were making our rounds, what caught my eye?  A yummy looking package of frozen hash brown patties.  MMMM!  I resisted the temptation the first time but as we were headed out back I asked Matt what he wanted for dinner.  His response, “well if you get the hash browns you were drooling over we could have breakfast for dinner.”  What a brilliant idea.  We grabbed some bacon and breakfast for dinner it was.

    Can I just say, those frozen hash brown patties were quite delicious.  Very McDonalds like.  MMMMM.