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  • Foto Friday = Car shopping

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. This week has been shittastic so yeah.

    Hurricane Irene is quickly approaching so Matt and I took this opportunity to go and test drive a few cars this afternoon.  Originally we had planned to only hit Kia since it’s right down the street.  But the clouds were looking a little ominous and it was starting rain but over towards Capital it didn’t look quite as bad.  Hmmm, what to do, stay by the house or check out the cars we were really interested in?  Yeah we decided to drive over to Capital and check out Audi and Infinity.  Audi was our first stop since Matt knows a few of the sales guys there.  We drove the Q5 which is a really nice SUV and pretty similar to the A4 Matt currently has.  Next we headed over to Infinity to test drive the EX35.  I personally think this car is very luxurious, even more so then the Q5.  But after driving both Matt and I agreed the Q5 was a nicer drive and ride.  It is also a heftier payment.

    We still have several more cars on our list to check out.  The Ford Edge, the Kia SUV’s and the we already test drove the Acura RDX last weekend.  I have a feeling some of our decision will be based on how much we get for the A4.  If the money is right who knows what will happen, or what our decision will be.  The goal is to get Matt a nice car for now and possibly something for me to drive once we have a kid.

    Also I’m hoping to get some good pics of Irene this weekend.  I’m currently charging my camera batteries.  The clouds this afternoon were pretty awesome and I’m hoping to get some cool pics over the weekend.