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  • The day I was on CNN – flashback post

    Today some coworkers and myself were talking about various things and the subject came up of “being famous”.  I chimed in that I had been interviewed for CNN.  So with that, I’ll leave you with a #flashbackfriday post from 2010 when I was published on CNN. 🙂

    Originally posted 11-18-10

    I was so excited that M was home last night it made my head spin. Literally. I went to lay down with him and the room started spinning. Nothing says “Welcome home” more than, I have to vomit now. I woke up this morning still feeling ill so I called in to say I’d be out.

    I finally moved to the couch in hopes I would start to feel a little better. I started surfing the net and saw a post on the DW board about a bridal shop in Chicago burning down. Then on FB there was a link to a google doc where you could put down your information if you had a dress you could donate. Gee, there is one in my closet. I immediately signed up and linked to pics of the dress. Within minutes I had an email from CNN asking if they could use pics of my dress and would I mind doing an interview. I responded that I had uploaded pics to the site and I would be happy to interview. A few minutes later my cell phone rang. OMG CNN is calling me. I spoke to the reporter about why I would donate my dress and how I would feel if that had happened to me. She said she would send me a link to the article once it was up.

    I immediately called M, who didn’t answer. Next I called my mom, who didn’t answer, so I called back and told her the story. M finally called back and I explained to him what was going on.

    A few minutes ago I got an email with a link to the article. And what is the first thing you see? MY DRESS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m quoted on CNN! How amazing! And more amazing are all the girls willing to help and donate their dresses. I know not many people read this but I am including the link to the article which also links to the google doc.

    If you have a dress please consider how you would feel if, before you wore it, it was destroyed in a fire. Help other brides.