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  • I’m officially a collector

    Of Nutcrackers!  YAY!  For years my mom has collected Santa’s for Christmas.  Each year I normally add one to her collection.  Needless to say it’s gotten pretty large.  So a few weeks ago I was in the mall, walking past the Christmas store, when this amazing Nutcracker caught my eye.  He was purple and amazing.  At that minute I knew that’s what I wanted to collect.  I said something to my mom that I wanted to collect them.  A few days ago she told me she put something in the mail for us.  She said we could go ahead and open it before Christmas.

    For the past 2 days I’ve been waiting on mom’s package to arrive.  Finally this morning it was at the door when Matt left for work.  I was excited to get home and open our gift.  And of course what did mom send?  She sent me 2 Nutcrackers, a little cheese plate and a stress ball for Matt. 😉

    I put my our Nutcrackers on the fireplace mantel.  They look beautiful.

    A crappy pic but you get the idea.


    ETA:  I wrote this last week but for some reason it didn’t get published.