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  • Cookies, Cakes and Pies, oh my!

    A few weekends ago some friends invited us over for dinner.  Since they were providing the main dish I told them I would bring dessert.  I scoured Pinterest and came up with 2 options, Oreo cake and Nutella cookies.  We bought 2 containers of Nutella at Costco so I decided the cookies were in.  And well, you know I also baking cake!  I ran to the grocery and picked up what I needed for Oreo cake and when I got home I started baking.

    The cake was pretty easy overall.  I just used a box cake mix and the filling wasn’t tough to make.  I used chocolate frosting instead of making chocolate sauce and it turned out fine.  I think next time I make this I would scoop out one of the cake layers and make more of a filled cake.  The reason being, the filling was a little runny so my cake didn’t look quite as nice as my inspiration pic.  Overall I think it was a good first effort.  I took the leftovers to work and everyone loved it so it will be added to the list. 🙂



    Matt loves Nutella, as does our friend, so I figured I would throw those together too, just for good measure.  They were super simple to make and tasted delicious   We were a little surprised that they were more brownie like than cookie like.  So they were a denser more heavy cookie.



    Then my dad asked for an apple pie for his birthday last weekend.  He was in luck since mom gave me an apple slicer, corer for Valentine’s day.  This made quick work of peeling the apples.  🙂  Anyway, I threw together a homemade apple pie using  the same recipe from Thanksgiving.  The recipe is pretty simple including the homemade crust.  From what I’ve been told it is “the best apple pie I’ve ever had!”  Woo hooo!  I wouldn’t actually know what my apple pie tasted like since we met mom and dad for dinner on Saturday and handed it to them as we left.  I am really glad it turned out well though.  I might have to make another one soon.  Just because.