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  • I’m spoiled, he’s allergic

    I’m spoiled.  Yes, there I said it.  Actually that was my thought about 4 o’clock this morning.  Since Matt and I returned home he’s developed some random dry cough.  He has woken up several nights having coughing fits.  Last night I woke up to him coughing.  As I lay there mostly asleep, he got up and told me he would go downstairs to the couch.  My next thought was how spoiled I was.  There I am laying in bed sleeping and he’s the one not feeling great and HE goes to sleep on the couch.  Awww!  I guess a good wife would have offered to go to another room or to the couch but in all fairness I WAS asleep.  He was awake. 🙂

    Matt jokes that he is allergic to marriage since he hasn’t felt so well since we got back.  Personally I think it’s allergies.  We both seem to cough, sniff and be stuffy more when we are home.  Could this be the two cats?  Maybe.  Could it be the carpet that now needs to be replaced?  Sure.  Could it be his yucky pillow he’s had for years and years and years?  Umm YES!  HAHA!  But really I think it’s probably a little bit of all of it.  I still refuse to believe our adorable little furbaby Julio could be the culprit.  He is our baby and it’s not like we would get rid of him even if we were allergic.

    It’s funny the things you will tolerate given the circumstance.



    I think this is a crazy awesome pic of the wave.

    This was a sailboat in Marigot Bay.

    Our Cocktail pic.