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    I’ve seen a few other blogs that do a Currently post. In reality, I hope that this might help give the blog some structure and help me update it more. I think I’ve tried stuff like this before with no success so we’ll see how this goes.

    Currently: Waiting to go home. Work has been weird lately. Some times we are really slow and others we are super busy. This can literally change within the span of a few minutes. But for now things are quiet. I’ve been looking at the Nik Collection of photo actions Matt just sent me. I am also still currently working on baby Owen’s pics so I am going to home tonight to download my free trial and edit some pics and see what I think. The whole collection is now 149.00 so I guess we’ll see if I like it and if I think it’s worth the money. Ideally I would prefer to start editing pics on Matt’s Mac (if he will let me touch it!) but all my editing programs are on my Dell. It’s not that is sucks, but the battery is about dead so I have to keep it plugged in and well I’ve gotten spoiled with my iPad.

    Loving: My yard! The warmer weather and my husband. I hear lots of girls with lots of complaints about their hubbies and I am super thankful I got a good one!

    Reading: Summer Secrets by Barbara Freethy. This is a random book I picked up off Amazon a few months ago. Every now and then I’ll go through and buy a few cheap/free books from the Kindle store. This way when I get the urge to read I don’t have to browse through Amazon. Anyway, this book is about 3 sisters who sail around the world as teens. Like 10 years later, a reporter decides to start digging to get to the real “truth” behind the trip. I haven’t gotten very far yet so this may by on my list for a while. 😉

    Thinking about: Other people’s problems and how thankful they aren’t mine.

    Looking forward to: Our trip to Jamaica! Holy cow, it’s NEXT week! It didn’t really hit me till the other day that we were a little over a week away! I am excited for some much needed sun, beach and booze! 😉 Oddly enough a coworker who got married over the weekend is currently in Jamaica at the same resort. We are getting together for lunch next week to discuss. I’m pretty excited to see how she liked it.

    Making me happy: All my flowers. My front yard looks AMAZING! I am so pleased at how well all of my bushes are doing. I even had a neighbor stop by last week to say how nice it looked. I know the flowers will only last a few more weeks but I plan to enjoy them while I can.



    So that is my attempt at a currently post. Hopefully it will get better as time goes on. 🙂