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  • Cinnamon bun ice cream and laundry!

    I went to the doc this morning and she ruled out strep so that is good.  But I wish she’d had more to offer for my poor scratchy throat besides, chew gum or candy or anything that makes you salivate more.  I mean I get the idea.  The more saliva I have the more it thins down the mucus but that really doesn’t soothe my throat.  I guess I need to gargle with salt water.  That is supposed to help.  I also stopped by the Teet (our grocery store) on my way home and picked up some soup and ice cream.  Yummy yummy ice cream.  Apparently Ben and Jerry now make Cinnamon bun ice cream, mmmmmm.

    I’m still not feeling super hot so I decided to just stay home.  I even managed to do a little work.  I’ve had my email up all day, I disconnected a few numbers, emailed a customer and placed an order.  I think that is pretty productive since I was at home sitting on the couch.  I might have squeezed in a movie or two as well. 😉  And let’s not forget the 4 loads of laundry that are almost done and the dishes currently in the dishwasher.

    Now I’m just sitting here waiting for the hubs to get home.  A nice big hug would be good right about now.