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  • You’re not a young buck anymore!

    Yesterday Matt and I were sitting around watching tv when I got a phone call from my mom.  Her and my dad went to MS for a few days to visit some family and friends.  I had talked to her a few times while they were gone so I didn’t think much of her calling.  I answer the phone and she’s like I just wanted to call and tell you we are at the ER.  My first thought is something happened with my grandmother.  But no mom tells me it’s my dad and she starts laughing as she recounts what happened.  Apparently while she was at her aunt’s house, my dad decided to try and ride our family friend’s horse.  Mind you the horse is not broken and dad is no longer 18 (contrary to his belief).

    According to the story I got today, dad got on the horse walked him around and them BAM!  Horse throws him off, (I might make a photoshop for this), and then walks back over to him and nudges him.  HAHA!  Dad brushed himself off and went to the main house.  I guess Cindy, our family friend, helped him clean up his arm but he didn’t tell her he was in a good deal of pain.  A few hours later mom calls to say she is on her way back.  She can tell something is wrong and daddy tells her what he did.  Once mom gets back to the house they decide to go to the ER.

    It must be said this is NOT daddy’s first trip to the Macon ER.  We used to live in Macon and I can remember a time or two going for various things he did.  It must also be said that this is probably not really the place you want to go.  It’s a small town and well…..yeah. 😉

    Anyway they go to the ER and the doctors decide to do a cat scan.  They want to make sure he hasn’t punctured or ruptured something.  Once the scan comes back they can tell everything looks okay with the exception of 3 ribs.  Those are broken.  They give my dad some pain killers and send him home.

    This morning he was pretty sore and still in pain but he and mom decided to head back to OK.  They were going to take it easy and see how far they could go.  I called mom after work and they were just outside of Dallas so they were going to try and make it home tonight.