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  • Blur no more

    Let me start off by saying I HATE going to the eye doctor.  Eyes freak me out.  There is just something about someone messing with your eyes.  Not to mention the dilation completely freaks me out and normally causes an “episode”.  {Episodes consist of me almost passing out or actually passing out.}  But I knew my eye sight was starting to get bad again and I had to go.

    Last week I made an appointment for after work today and told Matt he had to come.  We get there and after a brief wait, they call us back.  {I’m sure people think we are nuts that he has to come with me.}  The girl does some tests and takes us over to an exam room and says the doctor will be in shortly.  As we are sitting there waiting, Matt makes me go ahead and start eating some candy, because both of us are still wondering when they will dilate my eyes.  The doc comes in, does the exam and there is no mention of dilation.  Hmmm.  A couple of different contacts later, still no dilation.  And then we are done.  Wait, WHAT?!?!?  {You better believe I didn’t ask!}

    Since my RX has changed I decided to get another pair of glasses.  The place had some frames that were half price and I was able to find a pair I liked, however, I didn’t get to use the discount.  My insurance covers 30% of lenses and frames and that discount was better the half off the frames only.  I’m pretty excited about my new glasses, even though I mostly wear contacts.  These are pretty cute and will give me the option.  I lost my original pair of glasses one night at a bar so I ordered a cheap pair online.  While they are nice and work, they are a little too big for my face and the new ones will fit much better.

    I told Matt a few minutes ago its amazing how you don’t realize you can’t see until you can.