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  • Otis the Owl, fail!

    Over the weekend I decided to make the cute owl I found on Pinterest. I cut out my fabrics last week to save some time so I didn’t have to do all the steps at once. Anyway I was pretty excited about the color combos I had picked out. My original goal had been to use a fancy, thick stitch around the face, eyes, nose and body. Then I would sew the little guy up. Well this is pretty much where the fail happened.

    First off my machine didn’t really seem to have the stitch I was looking for. I decided to play around with a couple different ones to see if any of them would do. Grrr, I managed to lock my machine up a couple of times. {This was totally my fault by not paying attention to what certain stitches needed.} Then when I did find a stitch I realized I had no idea how to actually attach the right foot. I looked in the book but nowhere did it say, to attach this foot do a, b, c steps.

    After fighting with the machine for a while I decided to go ahead and sew my feet. This wasn’t too bad except they were super tiny. {There may be a reason the pattern says enlarge 200%.} I managed to get them right side out and decided I would go upstairs and glue my face and body piece to the main fabric. Then maybe I could stitch around it. The gluing was fine. A good idea in fact but at this point I was kind of like screw it. I knew I couldn’t do what I wanted so I decided just to sew him up. Well I got to the bottom and realized I didn’t have the feet on. In my haste I didn’t actually attach them correctly. I attached them so when turned right side out the feet were inside. Ugh! I ripped out the seam, put them the right way and sewed it back up.

    I left a hole at the top, which should have been at the bottom, to pull the fabric out. Umm yeah, with the other pieces glued it made the fabric super stiff and hard to maneuver. Geez! I finally got him right side out but that’s where I left him. I figured it wasn’t worth wasting my filler for him. Actually I think this little project might be too advanced for me at this point so I might put this pattern on the back burner for a while. But this also means I really need to get more familiar with my machine and I need to get better.

    Guess it’s back to the drawing board for more projects. And without further ado, here are the pics. He’s terrible, I know this {and I’m a little shocked I’m going to put it out here.}


    This is before I realized I put the feet on wrong. But they are at least facing the right way.
    The glued on face and body.
    The finished product. Well the back of it. Not too bad.