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  • I didn’t fall down at the party…

    The weekend turned out to be pretty busy for us.  On Saturday we had babygate Shindig.  We got to meet all the new babies that have now joined the group.  And while Shindig is no longer the drunken party it once was, there were drinks consumed.  Matt has now almost mastered the No Pressure.  This was the drink of choice in St Lucia.  We actually didn’t get home until after 11p.  That is a late night for the “old folks”.

    While we were out Saturday Matt got a call from one of his little brother’s friends asking if he’d like to play golf on Sunday.  I ran a few errands and watched some movies while he was gone.  I also made some delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner.  I told Matt I kind of felt like I was on an episode of Chopped.  I was throwing stuff in left and right.  I was really scared dinner wouldn’t turn out but I did a really good job.  They were even good leftover.

    Last night I was headed downstairs to get the final load of laundry out when all of the sudden my foot slipped out from underneath me.  I fell on my ass and slid down a few more steps before I stopped.  I laughed for a minute until it hit me I had just busted my ass on the stairs.  Once I collected myself I got the laundry out and headed back upstairs.  I told Matt I’d fallen on the stairs.  My arm was a little sore but other then that I thought I felt okay.  Then I laid down in bed and my butt started to hurt, then my ankle, then my back and still my arm.  Basically my whole right side is a little sore.  I didn’t think I really fell that hard.  Hopefully a few more advil and a good nights sleep (and maybe a back rub from Matt ) will make me feel better tomorrow.   I knew it was just a matter of time before I busted my ass on the stairs and I guess it only took 3 years.  That’s gotta be a good record right?