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  • Foto Friday = Car shopping

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. This week has been shittastic so yeah.

    Hurricane Irene is quickly approaching so Matt and I took this opportunity to go and test drive a few cars this afternoon.  Originally we had planned to only hit Kia since it’s right down the street.  But the clouds were looking a little ominous and it was starting rain but over towards Capital it didn’t look quite as bad.  Hmmm, what to do, stay by the house or check out the cars we were really interested in?  Yeah we decided to drive over to Capital and check out Audi and Infinity.  Audi was our first stop since Matt knows a few of the sales guys there.  We drove the Q5 which is a really nice SUV and pretty similar to the A4 Matt currently has.  Next we headed over to Infinity to test drive the EX35.  I personally think this car is very luxurious, even more so then the Q5.  But after driving both Matt and I agreed the Q5 was a nicer drive and ride.  It is also a heftier payment.

    We still have several more cars on our list to check out.  The Ford Edge, the Kia SUV’s and the we already test drove the Acura RDX last weekend.  I have a feeling some of our decision will be based on how much we get for the A4.  If the money is right who knows what will happen, or what our decision will be.  The goal is to get Matt a nice car for now and possibly something for me to drive once we have a kid.

    Also I’m hoping to get some good pics of Irene this weekend.  I’m currently charging my camera batteries.  The clouds this afternoon were pretty awesome and I’m hoping to get some cool pics over the weekend.


  • Foto Friday Week 4

    I know it’s been a while but here are a few shots from the beach last weekend with my new lens.  Let me just say none of these have been edited at all and I think all of the beach pics were taken in manual.


    This was on the drive down.  It’s hard to take good pics in a car.

    This is something I would have never gotten with another lens.  Granted they were flying pretty low but still.

    Not totally sure why I like this one but I do.

    Happy Friday!  I will probably edit these and post them again.


  • Foto Friday, on Thursday. Week 3

    Tomorrow I have a work outing so who knows when I would have time blog and I even made an effort to take some pics.  So here goes.


    Thanks to Mr. Julio we have tons of straws laying around the house.



    My china.

    Happy Thursday!


  • Foto Friday, Week 3

    As promised this weeks Foto Friday should be better then last week.  Matt and I went to Sunset Beach over the weekend so I got some pretty decent pics at the beach.  Unfortunately my lens had a big ole spot so I had to do some creative editing.

    This was from the car on our way down.


    I like clouds.


    This was a huge jellyfish we saw washed up on the beach.


    The beach, of course.

    Happy Friday!


  • Foto Friday – Week 2, it’s about a purse

    Okay so this isn’t exactly Foto Friday like it should be but I’m at work so I don’t have access to the pics I took this week.  I am blogging at work today because Matt and I are headed to the beach in a little while.  I still have to go home and pack.  And well I’m not busy at work. 🙂

    Super cute purse huh?  I know 🙂

    Matt and I were at the outlets a few months ago when I found this adorable purse at the Nine West outlet.  I love Nine West.  I love their shoes, I love their purses and I love their sunglasses.  Most importantly Nine West pretty much fits into my budget at any given time.  Anyway so they had this purse in yellow or cantaloupe (?).  I almost got the cantaloupe color but decided the yellow would be a bit more neutral.  Not that I really care if things match.  Most of the time I don’t. HA!  So I picked up the cute yellow purse and I’ve been using it for a few months now.

    Today at lunch I noticed a girl with a cute yellow purse and just now I noticed a co-worker with a yellow purse.  I can only assume that I am of course a fashionista and everyone wants to copy me. 🙂  No seriously I feel pretty sure I single handedly started this trend.  Thankfully all the purse makers followed my lead and now everyone can have super cute yellow purses.

    You are welcome people!

    Have a great holiday weekend!


  • Foto Friday – Week 1

    It’s finally here people Foto Friday!  WOO HOO!  I know you have been anxiously waiting all week!  😉  I’m been anxiously waiting for this week to end!



    As you can see Basil and Sweet Mint don’t look so hot.  Thankfully the deli we went to for lunch had basil out front and it kind of looked the same as mine so I’ll run with it for now.  Lots of water daily!


    Close up.


    Our deck light.  A little editing to make it look prettier.


    Last but not least, Mr Julio.  I really like how this pic came out.

    So folks that is your first Foto Friday.  I promise to try and get better.

    Happy weekend!