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  • Meet baby G!

    It’s been about a month since my cousin K had her baby. Baby G was born on Father’s Day. Mom went to stay with K and her husband for about a week right after G was born. I decided to go see G while mom was there. I figured I could give her and K a break, and possibly a nap, while I was there. G was only 3 days old when I went to visit and he was adorable. It actually worked out well because I had a dentist appointment that had been scheduled for a while so I went to that and then headed to Greensboro for the day.

    I got there in time to pack everyone in the car so we could take G to his first doctor’s appointment. He did wonderful, of course! We grabbed some lunch and Starbucks on our way home. When we got back G nursed for a little while and once he was good and sleepy we put him in his bouncy chair so I could take some pics. I set up in the foyer and snapped away. I had hoped to get some naked baby pics but he was being so good we left him how he was.

    So yeah, it’s been like a month and in true slacker fashion, I just NOW edited his pics. They actually turned out better than I had hoped. In all fairness, my personal laptop is such a huge PITA that I HATE doing anything on it. Had I been able to edit them on my work laptop they would have been done 3 weeks ago. Anyway, it’s a pain and I hate using my laptop so it takes forever when I need to do stuff like this. One day maybe I’ll convince Matt to either let me start using his Mac or I’ll just buy a small, cheap laptop that I can use for editing only. We’ll see I guess.

    Here are a few of my faves. I’ve been trying to upload them to my photography website all morning but keep running into time out issues. I’ll post the link but currently there are only a few pics up.