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  • So you’re going to the beach?

    Hmm, well Tropical Depression Andrea welcomes you!

    Seriously?!!?  The girls and I have had a trip to Myrtle Beach planned for a few months now and the day before we leave a stupid Tropical Depression hits Florida and is headed straight up the East Coast!  Wonderful!  We are going anyway, come hell or highwater. 😉  Regardless it should be a fun trip.  It’s just a small group and the 5 of us all have fun.  We will have even more fun when sun shopping, sand and booze are involved. 🙂

    Since neither of us have to travel for work, it’s very rare that one of  us is actually home alone.  I hope Matt can survive without me. 😀  I’ll have to give him a list of things to do, like water my plants unless we get like 5 inches of rain, which is what has been predicted.  He’ll also have to feed the kiddos, which he knows how to do.  I’m really not worried about him, I mean he did live on his own before he met me.