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One Round, Two Firsts

One Round, Two Firsts

Well hello there! It’s been a while. Life has been kind of busy lately. Matt and I always seem to have something to do lately, whether it’s playing golf, doing stuff around the house, or just being lazy. I feel like we are so much busier now days.  

Three weeks ago I started weekly golf lessons. Our club is offering a weekly Ladies Clinic this Spring/Summer. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I was going to sign up. I recruited a few friends to join me and the past few weeks we’ve had close to 40 ladies attend, which is amazing. The first few lessons have covered the short game, chipping and putting. Neither of which I’m great at but I think I might have picked something up from the putting clinics. 

Anyway, I’ve made a new golf friend and we’ve been playing or practicing a few times a week since clinic started. We’ve even made the husbands go out with us. ūüėČ Since we are about the same level, she is a good person to play with.

I told Matt a while back my goal for this summer was to get my first Par. We have a couple of short Par 3 holes and I’ve had my eye on #3 for my first Par. Yesterday G and I went out with her husband to play a quick 9 scramble since Matt and a friend tee’ed off a few minutes before us. The goal was to eventually catch up to them.  

We get to #3 and I hit a pretty decent drive off the tee. I end up right on the fringe of the green. All I need to do is 2 putt and I’ll have Par. Well, I totally ended up blowing my putts and finished with a Bogie. Boo!

Lately I’ve been hitting my driver pretty well off the tee on #6 and yesterday was no exception. I hit a great drive to the bottom right of the fairway. Now I just need to get it over the “schmutz” (aka the crap/rough/hazard) which is sort of a problem for me. I grab my 3 Wood and end up hitting a great second shot to the front of the green! Holy cow I’m on the green in 2! I’m about 20 ft from the hole and have a great first putt just short of the hole. Tap in the second putt for Par! YAY!!!! Of all the holes I thought I’d Par, I didn’t think it would be #6, a Par 4 hole!  

At this point I’m feeling pretty good! I’ve gotten my Par. Now I just need to get my ball over the schmutz on #8, a short Par 3. The past few times I’ve played, I’ve completly jacked this hole and ended up not even finishing because I’ve lost at least one ball off the tee. I’ve been practicing hitting my irons off the tee at the range just for this stupid hole. I tee up and hit. “Just make it over, just make it over!” The ball clears the schmutz, lands on the green and rolls…..and stops about 5 ft short of the hole! Holy cow! I now have a shot at Birdie! A few deep breaths later, I tap the ball into the hole! YAY!!!! Cue minor freak out!  

We finish #9 and Matt is waiting for us! I proceed to give him the play by play for my awesome accomplishments for our round! It feels pretty good to know that I am actually getting better at this game and that one day I might actually be able to keep score! ūüėČ


Kelly Golf – Round 1

Kelly Golf – Round 1

One of the main reasons Matt and I chose the neighborhood we did was because it was a golf course community.  Matt plays golf a good bit and we knew he would play even more if we lived on a golf course.  The only condition was that he had to get me a set of clubs.  I refused to live on a golf course and not have clubs.  For Christmas Matt gave me a set of golf clubs and some golf shoes.

We were able to join the golf course when we went under contract on the house back in November and Matt has played numerous times since then but I had only been to the range twice. ¬†Tuesday Matt said he was going to play a quick 9 after work and asked if I wanted to join¬†him. ¬†It was a beautiful day so I decided to go. ¬†Matt grabbed a few of my clubs and threw them in his bag and we were off. ¬†We ended up playing the back 9 and it amazing! ¬†We didn’t run into another player until we got to #16.

So what exactly is Kelly Golf? ¬†Kelly Golf is where I hit the ball from the ladies tee, see where it lands and decide if I want to play from there or pick my ball up and play from where Matt is. ¬†This also includes me randomly throwing the ball on the green to putt from. ¬†Basically I just make up the rules as I “play”. ¬†It was fun and I really enjoyed myself. ¬†It was nice being able to take our time and not worry about holding people (or Matt) up. ¬†It was also nice there was no one around to see just how bad I am. I feel like we might do this often. ¬†There is a guy Matt has started playing with and I think his wife might play about like me. ¬†I told Matt we might have to play with them sometime. ¬†The boys can play for real and the girls can drink wine and play. ūüôā

Overlooking #11. There is supposed to be a Bald Eagles nest somewhere over here.


Sunset over the course