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My Pumpkin – in Pics

My Pumpkin – in Pics

I don’t normally do pic posts but today that’s what’s going to happen. hehe! Let me just say that my pumpkin was HUGE. Like I’m surprised I didn’t lose an appendage in the cutting process.

Me and Julio for size comparison.

Happy Tuesday!


Hello Halloween!

Hello Halloween!

I normally don’t do much for Halloween but the craft bug bit me, again, and I needed something to do. Since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I would decorate some. I found some great printables, and you might remember the crazy Target spree I went on a few weeks ago. I also decided I wanted to do a Halloween wreath. I found a great one on Pinterest. It was plastic snakes hot glued to a grapevine wreath with everything spray painted black. I figured I could get the snakes and wreath at the dollar store since I didn’t care to spend a lot of money.

I ran to the dollar store only to find they didn’t have either item. So as I was wondering around I saw some skeleton garland and some fake rats. I grabbed 2 garlands and 1 pack of rats. My mom was with me and said she had a black feather wreath I could have. Score! This meant I would spend a grand total of $3.00 on my Halloween wreath.



I picked the wreath up during lunch so I could work on my wreath when I got home. I must say the damn thing took longer then I thought it would. The little skeletons weren’t as close together as I thought they were so I had to retie all of them. Next I had to figure out how to get the plastic rats to stay without hot glue. As I was looking in our junk drawer I found a paper clip. I unfolded it and cut into 3 pieces. I stuck each rat with the paper clip and stuck it into the wreath form. I thought the wreath was a little too black so I added a bow. Overall I think it turned out great!






A pic please!

A pic please!

I’ve mentioned before the random linens my grandmother gave me a few years ago.  Well she has also given me a few pictures over the years.  Mostly it consists of me begging for years before she hands things over mind you.  First I wanted a pair of Paris pictures she’d had in her den for years.  Upon receiving the Paris pics, I realized they were actual pen and ink drawings, not prints.  The story is that her brother got them from a street vendor while stationed in Paris during WWII?  The are quite amazing and one day I’ll post some pics of them.

Today however I want to talk about the ballerina pics, that happened to replace the Paris pics, she gave me a few years ago.  The frames were pretty beat up and my mom had said she would get the pictures re-framed.  Well a few years later the pictures had not been re-framed, I’d forgotten about them and they ended up in OK.  When my mom came to town in September I asked her to bring my ballerina pics back.  She did and I was then left with a couple of prints.

I did some research and they are apparently pretty run of the mill old prints.  I can’t remember the company at this point but I’m assuming they probably aren’t that special.  Anyhoo, not the point because over the weekend Matt and I ran to Michael’s to buy a couple of frames.  I found couple I thought I liked and they were 50% off, except they were more expensive then I realized.  Oops.  So I get the frames home and realize the prints don’t fit.   Hmmm.  I got 11×14 frames but my prints seem to be a bit short.  About an inch really.  And yep they are 11×13.  Dammit.

So after spending the whole night dreaming about what to do I decided to take the frames back and start over.  I thought about having custom mattes cut and I thought about having custom frames made but I wasn’t sure.  Well those ideas were out out once I realized the frame shop was closed on Sunday.  Back to Michael’s it was.  After returning the frames, I walked back to the frames, prints in hand.  I spent about 30 minutes wondering around before I finally choose my frames.  I wanted something more traditional and “old” feeling but I was also worried that getting a 11×14 frame with a matte wouldn’t work either.  I decided to take my chances and I purchased my new frames, which were buy one get one free!  Score!

I got home and put my prints into their new frames and can I just say I am completely blown away?  They look AMAZING!  Like had I had them custom, I don’t think they could have possibly looked any better then they do now.  Forgive the crappy cell phone pics.


Happy Halloween!


Oh and let’s not forget this is the 100th post.  Big blog day!