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  • Road Trippin’ – Julio’s first trip

    After work I got home and Matt and I packed our things. Once we were ready to leave I grabbed the kiddos and put them in their carriers. In the house they were okay but as Matt was strapping Julio into the car they both got a little upset. For the next half hour or so Julio talked more then we’ve ever heard. I expected Hal to be loud and I think she got Julio in a panic. Then he started trying to bite his way out of the carrier. Grr! I kept reaching back and popping the carrier telling him no! Finally once we got on the highway and got kind of settled in they calmed down. We would hear the occasional “meow” but nothing crazy. Of course I figured as soon as we would get them settled we’d have to stop.

    We stopped and they both perked up but as soon as we were on the road again they settled back down. I was really really impressed with how well both of them did.

    Once we got to the house we got them set up in the bedroom. Hal, of course, headed for under the bed but Julio was up for the adventure. It took him a few minutes to get down the stairs but he was good as long as Matt or I was around. He finally found the sunroom and he was in love. He stayed there most of the trip.





    I must admit I was a little worried what Julio would do while we were sleeping. I mean the house was full of possible toys. He managed to find some feathers in the arrangement by the computer and those ended up in our bed. Thankfully it wasn’t destroyed and that’s really the only damage he did. Whew!

    The car ride home was better for Julio. I think he knew what to expect and Hal didn’t freak him out. Thank god because she was terrible on the ride back. She cried for probably the first hour. At one point Julio looked at me and you could tell he was so tired but I think Hal was keeping him awake. Poor guy. Anyway, they both fared just fine. Julio was exhausted when we got home.