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  • Let me tell you about my best friend!

    Well, if finally a happened!  We got a kitten!  I hadn’t really been expecting to get  a new kitten but Matt and I had talked about it before.  I really wanted Julio to have a kitten before he was too old (and grumpy like his sister) to enjoy one. I’m constantly showing Matt cute kittens for sale on FB but it hadn’t really gone past that point.  Then a few weeks ago, Julio was standing on the floor while Hal was on the bed and he bear-hugged her off the bed. At this point, I knew Julio needed a friend.

    As it happened, my coworkers wife is the director of adoptions at the local SPCA.  I was casually looking at their website a few weeks ago when I came across a cute little one-eyed kitten.  I sent the link to Matt.  While he wasn’t really ready to get a kitten, he asked a few questions, to which my coworker asked his wife and finally Matt said I could go meet her after work.

    I got to the SPCA and told them I was there to see the one-eyed kitten when they told me she’d been adopted about an hour before.  🙁  As I was waiting for my coworkers wife to come out and see me, I saw a little orange tabby being walked out of one of the rooms.  Then she was walked back in with a cone of shame.  I immediately fell in love.

    I was taken to the kitten room and that’s when I found Lutzy (like Lucy but with a tz)!  She’d just been spayed and was still groggy from surgery and falling everywhere with her cone of shame.  Since she wasn’t available for adoption that day, I was told they would hold her till the next day.  I took some pics and video and Matt and I talked about it that night. The next day I went to pick her up only to find out she had a hernia.  Since she would need an additional surgery, I had two options.  I could adopt her “as is” or we could foster her until her surgery and then adopt her.  I was more than happy to foster her until her next surgery.

    Last week little Lutz had her hernia surgery and on Wed she was officially ours!  She’s a little bugger and is currently back in the cone of shame for a few more days.

    She is getting along very well with her brother and sister.  Julio will play with her and she’s forcing him to learn to cuddle. 😉  She’s even doing well with the grump herself, Halle.  Hal has growled and hissed at her a little but mostly she just meows loudly and crossly at her. Last night Lutz got brave and went to lay on Halle.  Hal wasn’t really happy about this but Matt and I thought it was pretty funny.  It lasted long enough for me to get a few pics! 😉

    All in all Lutzy is fitting in well.  She just needs to learn the rules of the house (which is going to take some time).