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  • Foto Friday – Week 2, it’s about a purse

    Okay so this isn’t exactly Foto Friday like it should be but I’m at work so I don’t have access to the pics I took this week.  I am blogging at work today because Matt and I are headed to the beach in a little while.  I still have to go home and pack.  And well I’m not busy at work. 🙂

    Super cute purse huh?  I know 🙂

    Matt and I were at the outlets a few months ago when I found this adorable purse at the Nine West outlet.  I love Nine West.  I love their shoes, I love their purses and I love their sunglasses.  Most importantly Nine West pretty much fits into my budget at any given time.  Anyway so they had this purse in yellow or cantaloupe (?).  I almost got the cantaloupe color but decided the yellow would be a bit more neutral.  Not that I really care if things match.  Most of the time I don’t. HA!  So I picked up the cute yellow purse and I’ve been using it for a few months now.

    Today at lunch I noticed a girl with a cute yellow purse and just now I noticed a co-worker with a yellow purse.  I can only assume that I am of course a fashionista and everyone wants to copy me. 🙂  No seriously I feel pretty sure I single handedly started this trend.  Thankfully all the purse makers followed my lead and now everyone can have super cute yellow purses.

    You are welcome people!

    Have a great holiday weekend!