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  • Spring has sprung!

    I feel like I only recently discovered the beauty of Peonies!  As it happened, I stumbled upon them while looking for flowers for my wedding bouquet.  Since the flowers included in our package sucked, and buying real flowers while in St. Lucia wasn’t really an option, I opted for fake flowers.  *GASP*  I was lucky to find a website that sold very realistic looking fake flowers and I was able to get a family friend to put them together.  I think I spent under $75.00 for the whole thing.  Not too shabby!



    Where I’m actually going with this post is, I finally bought a peony bush this weekend!  I’ve wanted one for a while and last year they were a little more than I wanted to spend.  Yesterday I found one at Lowes for $24.95.  I didn’t really have a place for it, you know since we don’t really have a yard, but I just HAD to have one.  I ended up planting it on our side yard next to a holly bush.  This probably wasn’t the best place to put it but the tag said it needed partial sun.  Originally I thought about planting it under the deck but that gets a lot of the hot midday sun.  So for now this is where it will live.  There are already some buds so I’m hoping it will bloom pretty soon.

    In other yard related news, I have 6 iris about to bloom, my azaleas are also about to bloom, and my gladiolus are coming up nicely.  All in all I am very happy with the current state of the yard.  I planted the gladiolus about 4 weeks ago I think.  I bought a bag of 60 at Costco over the winter for $12.00.  I didn’t plant all of them though.  I gave a few to mom and I’ll probably give a few more to a co-worker.  I mean 60 is kind of a lot.  Haha