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A little photography (pre D7k)

A little photography (pre D7k)

A couple of months ago when dad started his “photography business” he offered a special on FB.  I mentioned here that I got roped into being his second shooter.  Well I’ve finally gotten my slack ass in gear and finished editing pics from Kayla and Brian’s shoot.  Editing is by far my least favorite thing to do.  Part of it is I have to use my old clunky laptop (oh the horror!  I can’t use my Ipad) and then there’s photoshop.  Oh photoshop, why must you suck!  And then there’s the ever present “need” to have extensive editing.  I guess if I were proficient in PS I wouldn’t mind so much but let’s be real here.  Who has hours upon hours to edit to that degree?  I don’t and I don’t want to spend a ton of time editing.  Basic fixes for this girl.  Luckily I’ve found a few awesome presets.  This lets me get that photoshopped look with a few clicks of a button. 😉

I think I’ve also come to realize that many of the photos I think are amazing are highly photoshopped.  I know I’m not that good with PS but I guess I’m also not that creative.  Anyhoo, enough about my PS wooes.  I wanted to share the link to Kayla and Brian’s pics from Duke Gardens.  This was a first for all of us and it proved to be an awesome location.  Only downside, it was pretty busy.


PS here is the link to baby Owen’s photoshoot.  Courtesy of dad’s FB special!