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  • New faucets

    I know I mentioned last week that we bought new faucets and even changed a few out but I haven’t posted pics.  So here goes.  But first let me just say:

    Dear Plumber, while I appreciate the fact that you took pride in your work, for the love of god why did you make all the fittings so damn tight?!?!?!?  Seriously as a woman there was no way I was going to get these fittings off.  Next time please remember not so tight!

    For real though, I replaced the faucet in my townhouse all by myself.  But when I tried to replace the ones in our house, faaaagaahda about it!  {Best Jersey accent}  Poor Matt had to help me replace all of them.  And we still have one more to go.

    Here is a pic of the before faucet.



    As you can see it was boring and blah.  All the bathroom faucets were the same.


    This is the new faucet for our downstairs bathroom.  Since this bathroom is on the main floor I decided I wanted something a little “fancier”.  Matt and I both liked this one and it was pretty reasonably priced.


    This the faucet we got for the rest of the bathrooms, so ours and our guest bathroom upstairs.  They are simple and sleek and they were really inexpensive.  😉



    Happy Friday!