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  • Drives like a dream

    Okay I promise this will be the last car post for a while. ūüėČ

    Today I got to drive the new car to work and let me just say it’s pretty awesome. ¬†The handling is amazing and I love Love LOVE the¬†panoramic¬†sunroof. ¬†Plus I think it really looks more like a Kelly car and less like a Matte car, hehe! ¬†I know it will be mine soon enough but still. ¬†It’s a really really nice car.

    When Matt and I decided to buy a new car for him the agreement was it would be mine once we have kids or when the Jetta lease is up. The lease on the Jetta will be up next year so either way I’ll get the Q5 and then Matt will trade the Jetta for something a bit more sporty. ¬†Actually he’s already started looking for the next “new car”.

    I’ve come to realize I’ve married a “car” guy. ¬†While I would and could be content with whatever (as long as it’s not a POS) Matt will definitely not be¬†satisfied¬†with your run of the mill car. ¬†And honestly I think I’m fine with that. ¬†I mean if I will be able to stay at home with our kid(s) then I think he can have a nice fun car.

    And in unrelated news while my shingles rash appears to be getting better my body aches seem to be getting worse. ¬†Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. ¬†My whole body aches and it sore to the touch. ¬†I don’t know if this is related to the shingles or if perhaps I’m not sleeping as well. ¬†I don’t know. ¬†If anyone has had shingles please shed some light on what I’m going through.


  • Shingles, not on the roof

    That’s right apparently I have shingles. ¬†WTF?!?!?! ¬†Friday night Matt and I were sitting around watching a movie when I noticed a little patch of bumps on my back/side. ¬†I freaked out and made him put itch cream on it immediately. ¬†Saturday morning it didn’t look much better so we continued to put stuff on it. ¬†And by Sunday there was still no change. ¬†I texted my cousin who’s a nurse to see if she could tell me what it was. ¬†After a few questions she told me it looked pretty bad and I should go to the doctor.

    This morning on my way to work I called to see if the doctor could see me. ¬†The girl said they had an appointment in 15 minutes if I could make it. ¬†I told her I was on my way. ¬†I start talking to the doctor and I mention that one of my friends said I might have shingles, he goes, “I think that’s what it is.” ¬†AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ¬†Apparently it is the same virus as chicken pox and once you have chicken pox it stays in your system. ¬†I guess stress and stuff can cause it to come back. ¬†GRR! ¬†Oh and it’s supposed to be very painful. ¬†Great.

    I went to pick up my meds and headed to work since the doc said I wasn’t contagious. ¬†I guess sitting in my chair at my desk made my back really start to hurt and of course I began to freak out. ¬†After a little “episode” in the breakroom (ie I almost passed out) I decided to go home. ¬†I feel like it was probably more in my head but the meds say they can make you a little dizzy. ¬†I’ve been sleeping most of the day and now I’m just waiting for Matt to get home and take care of me. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m also debating getting the pain meds filled that the doc gave me. ¬†Sitting seems to bother my back more then anything. ¬†Even just sitting on the couch.

    I hope the meds start to work soon because I am not diggin’ the shingles. ¬†I’m still young, I should NOT have this. ¬†ūüôĀ