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  • Just another day

    Another day and I’m still feeling pretty crappy.  So much so that I ended up emailing my doctor this morning and asking for some antibiotics.  She called something in to Target so I went to pick it up this afternoon.

    On my way home from work I called Matt to see if he wanted to go to the new Lynnwood grill or if I should just run to Target.  He said we’d go later in the weekend and for me to just run to Target.  I get about 5 minutes away and go to open the water bottle I have  in car.  Well the water bottle spewed everywhere.  All over my lap, all over the car seat.  I mean it was bad enough I’d already dripped ice cream on my shirt but now my jeans were all wet.  Ughhh!

    I get home and walk in the door and Matt’s like that was quick.  I then show him my lap and he laughs.  After I ran upstairs to change, he offered to go with me to Target so that was good.  But good grief what a day.

    Hello weekend!


    PS. YAY 3 weeks!