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  • March Madness

    is here!  And for a girl who could care less about basketball I love March Madness.  Or I should say I love the tournament.  I pretty much tolerate basketball during the season but Matt loves it and he is always watching the Wolfpack so I have become a fan, sort of.

    If you had told me a few years ago I would be watching the tourney and cheering on teams I would have told you no way in hell!  But alas here we are.  After my divorce I got way more into sports.  Mainly college football because at the time I worked with all guys.  If I wanted to be in the conversation I had to know what was going on and having gone to Auburn helped because I already loved college football.  That was the same year I filled out my first NCAA basketball bracket.  I don’t know exactly how well I did but I had Florida winning it all and they did.  Beginners luck, absolutely!  Now this is just part of my yearly routine.  It helps that work encourages friendly betting and offers a free dinner for the bracket winner.  Oh and did I mention I can watch bball on my computer all day?  Yeah that happens. 🙂

    The Pack plays tomorrow at 12:40 so I will be sporting a tee shirt to work and rooting for my fave ACC team.  😉  I might even have them advancing to the next round.  Wish them luck!