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  • The story of Cujo

    **Blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside as of late.  To be honest, almost all the blogs I started out reading are no longer around.  Blogging seems like it’s becoming a thing of the past.  I will probably continue to update this randomly. I have a few more projects I’m about to start so I will continue to post those types of things. **

    Back when I was maybe a Sophomore in High School a friend and I were at McDonald’s one weekend night.  (McDonald’s was in the heart of our “loop” so people would go there and hang out waiting to see people.) Anyway Jennifer and I were sitting around when our friends, Norman and Chris, came in.  Norman and Chris were Seniors at this point, and they came over and started talking to us.  Norman asked if we wanted to go see Cujo. Jennifer and I said yes so the four of us hopped in Norman’s car and headed towards the country.  I have no clue where this place was but  it was probably only 15 mins from downtown.

    When we get to where we were going, Norman turns off the car lights and we all roll down our windows. We make our initial pass down the road with Chris standing up through the sunroof yelling Cujo.  On our way back by the house, we hear someone yell and then we hear a shotgun blast.  Chris falls ducks back in the car and Norman floors it.  Jennifer and I are in the backseat dying with laughter as we drive off.  Chris is totally freaking out because we just got shot at. And by shot at, I feel pretty confident the guy didn’t actually shoot at the car.

    Needless to say, we did not see Cujo that night but it made for one hellava story.

    Fast forward about a year.  The company dad worked for was always hiring guys I went to school with.  One day, dad comes home and asks me if I know a guy named Norman.  I tell him I do, and I proceed to tell him about the Cujo story.  The next day dad goes to work and decides to ask Norman about Cujo and why he’s getting his daughter shot at.  I think that probably freaked him out more than us getting shot at.  Of course dad wasn’t mad but I think that makes the story even funnier.

    There are a few random stories I might try to blog.  Details to all are a little fuzzy but some of them I’d like to write down.