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  • It was a doozy!

    Thursday afternoon I was standing on the screen porch watching the neighbors film House Hunters, when a loud clap of thunder boomed.  Made me jump.  It had started to sprinkle and that probably kept me and a few other neighbors from being a bit more obvious with our stalking. 😉

    I finally went inside and the rain started to pick up.  Then the lightning started.  Matt called me to come upstairs to the “viewing room” to see the show.  I took a few pics as the storm started to roll in but I had no clue what we were in store for.  A little while later the rain and wind picked up.  And then the bottom fell out.  The wind was howling, the rain flooding the yards and street, thunder and lightning and then hail.  It was pretty crazy for a good half hour to hour.

    The storm rolling in.


    As I was texting my friend who lived a few minutes away and she’s telling me the storms are normally pretty bad here, I notice there is water running out of the front door.  Not around the front door but literally out of it.  The front door has a screw on panel and the water is coming through.  Then we notice water is also coming under the quarter round.  Matt and I are trying to keep as much water off the floor with towels and paper towels.

    Water running out of the door panel. This is the bottom of the door.
    Water coming in from the quarter round.


    Once the winds died down, Matt opened the door to wipe it off and see what was going on.  We could tell the panel wasn’t sealed properly.  I begin taking pics of the door and the floor and email them to our warranty guy.  He responds that someone would be out the next day or the following Monday.  When the storm is finally over, we do what we can to clean up the water and wait.

    On Friday, the forecast calls for more storms so I email the warranty guy again and ask that someone come out that afternoon before anymore damage is done.  Around 5pm the builder meets us at the house and we show him what’s going on.  He goes ahead and adds some silicone to the outside of the door but tells us that since the door now has water in it, it will have to be replace.  Talk about good news!  I really wanted a full glass door without the crossbars so now is my chance to get one!

    After he finishes his inspection he tells us that the sweep and part of the floor will also need to be replaced.  The floor boards had already started to buckle.  We’re not sure it was all from the storm.  It’s possible it had been leaking for a while and no one was aware.  Now we are just waiting for everything to be scheduled to be replaced.


    More on what I plan to do with the new door soon.