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  • Oh Miley

    Oh yes, I’m going there.  My life is too boring lately so I’ve resorted to blogging about something in the “news.” (I use the term news very very loosely here.)

    After the VMA’s on Sunday my FB feed blew UP with people posting about the Miley Cyrus / Robin Thicke performance.  I didn’t watch the VMA’s so I had no clue what was going on.  Well Monday morning my curiosity got the best of me and I watched the performance.   Hmm….

    I’m not shocked and by no means am I offended.  Do I think Miley put her best booty, er foot forward, no.  Do I think the performance was shocking, no!  Do I care, umm not really but there are a few things I do want to add.

    First off, if you’ve seen the unedited version (the edited they are wearing flesh body suits to give the illusion of being naked) of Blurred Lines you know the girls are naked and or topless rubbing and grinding on Robin Thicke.  Personally the video made me like the song more. So do I really think Miley was inappropriate.  Umm not so much. (This is really directed to all those going “I wonder what his wife thinks?”  Well she knew he had naked girls in the video so at least Miley had some sort of clothing on.)

    Secondly, Miley is 20 years old.  TWENTY!!!!  You know what most girls are doing at 20 years old?  Getting drunk, dancing on bars and grinding on college boys.  The difference they aren’t famous so no one cares.

    Yes, sure, Miley was probably a role model for numerous little girls growing up.  However, those little girls who looked up to and respected Miley while she was Hannah Montana are most likely grown up now as well.  Does it suck for them that she’s done this, maybe.  But she didn’t do anything more shocking or controversial than let’s say the Britney / Madonna kiss back in 2003 (way more shocking if you ask me).  And for the record Brit Brit was only like 22.

    Personally I feel like she is a just a 20 year old girl trying to figure out who she is.  For years she had everyone around her telling her who she was.  I think it’s perfectly normal for her to want (and get) to figure out who she is and who she will be.  Granted one day she may look back on this performance and be embarrassed but maybe she won’t.  For the last few months she’s been all over the news for this or that. Clearly she is trying to find herself.  She is just in an unfortunate position to have the world watching.  And she may not care.

    As the old saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity.