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Back to blonde

Okay so I’ve always been blonde but last year I convinced Matt that I needed to start highlighting my hair.  I’d always wanted to get highlights and he didn’t really care.  So for about a year now I’ve been getting highlights every 2 months or so.  I like that my hair has more depth and color but it still kind of throws me to see random brown hair.

Matt and I started talking about having a baby and I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to continue to get highlights and be a stay at home mom.  I knew the time would come that I would have to start coloring my hair myself again.  And honestly, while I like the girl that cuts and colors my hair, I’m not super crazy about the cut or color.  I feel like my cuts are more of an after thought and I am pretty picky about my hair cut.

A few months ago we were out grabbing some Chinese food down the street from the house and I noticed a really cute salon a few doors down.  I found their website and decided I wanted to try the place out.  My hair color finally started to look pretty dingy so last night I ran to Target to buy some hair color and made an appointment at this new salon.  I HOPE they do a good job.  But this also brings me back to blonde.  I am currently sitting here with hair color in my hair.  In about 3 more minutes it will be ready and I will be all over blonde again.  Let’s hope I like it. 😉


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