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Christmas Craft Extravaganza

That’s what happened at our house this weekend.  I finally finished the paper Christmas trees I’ve been working on for, oh 2 weeks.  I also made an ornament wreath for over the fireplace.  I have a lighted wreath for the front door but I knew I wanted to try an ornament wreath.  I also got the mantel finished complete with dollar store stocking holders.

They don’t look too bad.  I couldn’t really find any stands for them.  I also didn’t have room on the mantel for them so they are downstairs.

This is our mantel.  I think it turned out pretty well.  The garland has pretty much had it so it will get tossed at the end of the season.  Overall I think it looks nice.













The dollar store stocking holders.  Not quite what I was going for but for a buck each and some spray paint they aren’t too bad.  I got 2 Joys and 2 trees.

And of course the piece d’resistance.  AHHHHHH!  My wreath.  It took about 30 minutes, a wire hanger and about 70 balls.  Once I got my pattern down things went pretty well.  I was lucky the tops to my ornaments were pretty tight, they were plastic, so I didn’t have to hot glue them on.  Once I was to the end Matt helped me close the hanger back and Viola.

The Christmas table.  And lastly……











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