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Dinner for 6?

I think so, now.  Matt and I have invited his parents and another couple to our house for Thanksgiving this year.  After the couple accepted I went into freak out mode because I only had 4 matching placemats.  I made Matt run to Crate and Barrel during lunch a few weeks ago in search of more.  I had a back up place should he not find anymore and I’m glad I did.  I decided to mix and match colors so I bought 4 additional placemats in Orange from World Market.  Remarkably they look very similar to the ones from C&B.  {I found these while I was on the mad hunt for a centerpiece.}

Last week Matt and I are in the grocery store talking about Thanksgiving and he goes, “You know what we don’t have 6 of”?  Hmmm, we have enough silverware, placemats are good, I have enough plates….oh……”we don’t have 6 chairs.”  Dammit.  This lead to the great chair hunt.  I looked online and in a few stores.  I just couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was looking for.  Then one night I decided to look at Overstock.com.  Lo and behold I found a pair of great looking chairs and they weren’t too expensive.  Plus the color looked very similar to the sofa and love seat.  I ordered them and waited.

Last night our chairs were delivered.  Whoop whoop!  After we got home from the eye doctor we put together our new chairs.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the chairs look and feel.  It didn’t take us very long to put them together either.   I am really diggin’ the new chairs.  I think they add a nice contrast to the table.  Shh, don’t tell Matt but it kind of makes me want to get 2 more. 😉

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