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Dry Eyes

I’m happy to report today was much better then yesterday.  I’m still super ready for the weekend though.  Even if {and hopefully} we sit around and do nothing but veg.  I feel like I could use a complete veg fest.  My brain needs to decompress for realz!  I mean I was dreaming about work last night, not cool!

On a side note my eyes have been killing me lately.  Like I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I can’t open my eyes because they are so dry.  I know I’m wearing my contacts a lot more then I used to. I use to come home and take them out but now I wear them until I go to bed.  Several nights I’ve almost forgotten to take them out.  I used to not be so bothered by the blurriness when we’d sit around and just watch tv but now I have to have my glasses on or my contacts in.  The other thing I realized is that we’ve been keeping some of the lights off at work.  Specifically the ones over and around my desk.  I wonder if sitting in the dark is making them feel drier?  Any thoughts?


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