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Happy Birthday Matte!

Last Sunday was Matt’s 35th birthday!  Ahhhh!  He’s getting old! 😉

Since he checks the bank account daily I told him on Wednesday of that week that he could no longer look at the bank account.  It’d be nice to be able to buy his gifts without him knowing what I got.  He’s been playing golf a lot lately with one of Patrick’s friends and has started collecting golf course poker chips.  While I was at Michael’s a few weeks ago I found a coin display box so I picked that up.  I figured that would be better than poker chips laying all over the counter.  Then I had to decide on a big gift for him.  I feel like lately we’ve spent a lot of money on me and I wanted to do something nice for him.

For his big gift I debated over a few things.  In the end, Golfsmith didn’t have the thing I thought I’d buy, a range finder.  With that taken care of, I headed back to the golf clubs.  He’d been eyeing one and I knew where it was.  Ya’ll this is key.  I kind of knew what it looked like.  I didn’t actually know what it was.  I knew he had the big one, and I knew he had a hybrid.  I ended up asking a sales guy for help.  I explained what I was doing and what I thought I needed.  As it turned out, the one I picked up randomly was the one the guy thought he probably needed.  (You see how bad this is right?)

What was more exciting was the fact that this club was on sale.  🙂  So I get to the checkout counter and the club doesn’t ring up as the sale price.  I tell the cashier the sign says X amount.  He asks someone else who agrees it should be on sale.  Then someone notices that this club is a Tour model.  I like at him and I’m like “I have no idea what that means.”  Just as this is happening the guy who helped me walks up front and verifies the price should be the sale price X.  Woo hoo!  I pay and ask for a box.

Now that day I was in Matt’s car so yeah.  Golf club + box + small ass car don’t mix.  I end up having to stick it in the backseat.  I get home, send Matt downstairs and stash the club under the guest bed.

Sunday morning I wake up early to wrap his gifts and a little while later he gets to open his presents.  He opened his golf club and lo and behold, I got the right damn one!  What!!!!  HAHA!  So I’m super excited that I’ve managed to actually buy him the right golf club.  But what’s even better is I beat Golfsmith!  Matt said he never bought the Tour models because they were never on sale, or not as much. Hehe!  So I scored the best model for the sale price of the regular one.  This meant it was like $100.00 off.  😀

After presents we got up and got ready and headed to brunch.  Then we came home and I made homemade carrot cake.  And that, in a nut shell (or really long post) was Matt’s birthday!

Love ya hon!


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