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House Hunters

House Hunters

Or should I say, House Hunter?

The last few weeks I’ve amped up my search for a house.  Matt isn’t exactly on board with the whole buying a new house thing but I figure, what can it hurt?  It’s no secret I’ve wanted a “house” house for a while.  We are currently in a town house, and while we technically have enough room, I’d really like a better layout and more importantly, a yard!  A great yard is at the top of my list, while Matt wants a 2 car garage and flat driveway.  Boys are silly!

We finally sat down and talked about what we thought we could afford and it was quite a bit more than my original price range.  This really opened up a lot more possibilities.  We also discussed locations since I’d only been looking in our current area but Matt said he would be open to looking all over the area when the time comes.  This also drastically changed our search.  I’ve now found we can get more in other locations and that is very appealing.

I found an adorable house about 2 weeks ago that had been on the market for a while.  (When I say a while, I mean like 50 days.)  The front and back yards sold me, but the house itself was cute and move in ready.  Matt was a little more iffy and now it’s under contract. 🙁  That house is my new comparison for all the others and so far nothing is hitting it out of the park.  I’ve run across a few that I wouldn’t mind seeing but nothing that makes me super excited.  And since we aren’t technically looking, should they go off the market it will fine.  I’ve run across a few today that were interesting only to find they were currently pending!  Ugh!!!  Real estate in the Triangle is pretty good and things just don’t stay on the market very long.  My hope is to continue looking for the next few months and hopefully a house will jump out at both of us and cause Matt to get in the game. 😉  We aren’t in a hurry but I also don’t want to be in our current house very long either.

Until then, the house hunt continues.


One thought on “House Hunters

  1. That is exciting that you are looking for new houses! I got Tim to commit to living in ours for a few more years so we can truly buy my…I mean OUR dream home! ~~HUGS!!~~

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