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Hurricanes and earthquakes oh my!

What started as a pretty blah Tuesday quickly turned around after lunch.  I mean I managed to drop the top half of my english muffin on the floor in the break room at work, dammit!  And of course the AC wasn’t working either.  Yeah I figured today would suck.  Boy was I in for a surprise.

Turns out hurricane Irene could be headed our way this weekend.  Admittedly I pay little to no attention to the news but while I was listening to the radio on my way to work, the guy mentioned Irene so I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  Turns out, this morning anyway, she looked like she was headed straight for Raleigh this weekend.  WOW!  So Matt and I chatted over IM and decided it might be a good idea to run out at lunch and pick up a few supplies.  I ran to my new fave, Carolina Pottery, to pick up candles and Matt ran to Lowe’s to get batteries and stuff.

I was actually pretty excited to blog about my first trip to pick up hurricane supplies.  I’ve never actually gone to get supplies for hurricanes even though I went through Opal in Alabama and Erin in Texas.  Granted neither of them were really bad where I was, but Opal did knock the power out for a while.  It was pretty cool to watch the sky turn green when the lightning would strike.  {Apparently the algae from the ocean made the sky look green in the lightning.}

Anyhoo, right before 2pm I heard a few of my co-workers talking about the building.  I wasn’t really paying attention but the gist was the building moved.  Right around this time Matt IM’s me to ask if we just had an earthquake?  WHAT?!!?  I didn’t feel anything but I knew people around me were talking.  I piped up that my husband was in Durham and he felt it.  This immediately began talks of an earthquake.  I begin to check FB {because you know it doesn’t happen if it isn’t on FB} and sure enough statuses started popping up regarding an earthquake.  Soon we realized epicenter was actually north of Richmond VA.  People all along the east coast were updating their statuses regarding the earthquake.  It was felt as far north as Toronto.  I’m not sure how far south they felt it though.

Talks of earthquakes continued for a good part of the afternoon.  I just want to say that I am BEYOND bummed that I didn’t feel the stupid earthquake. 🙁  However there was a small earthquake while I was in Alabama and I remember that one so I don’t feel like I completely missed out but still!


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