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It’s beginning!

House hunting is in full swing for the new Casa de E.  Matt is finally on-board with buying a new house but he is insistent we put down 20%.  Ya’ll that’s  A LOT of money!  Lucky for us our current financial obligations aren’t terrible and we are able to save a good bit of money each month.  We currently have almost 10% saved.  Only 10% more to go!  We talked the other day and have decided to save as much as possible over the next 6 months.  This should put us pretty close to our goal when you add in what we will get for our current house.  Knowing we have a plan, and a timeframe make me happy.

Along with the house hunt comes a list of items we need to upgrade or fix in our current home.   A few items on the list include:

  • Redoing our deck
  • Replacing the back door that goes out to the deck
  • Replacing the flooring in the kitchen and both upstairs bathrooms
  • Painting both upstairs bathrooms

There are quite a few smaller items that need to be addressed too but these are the big ones.  Over the past couple of years we have painted the house and replaced the carpet.  Though I am currently very unhappy with Empire!  Our carpet is barely 2 years old and we’ve already had to call  them once to come and restretch several areas.  I’ve been playing phone tag with a customer service rep since last week to fix the carpet again.  I guess we got what we paid for because I feel like they did a pretty crappy job!  I’ve never had issues with carpet until now.  I will not use them again if and when we need to replace carpeting!

For now, I will continue my daily house hunt even though we aren’t quite ready yet.



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