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Long Weekend!

Thanks to my company’s challenge last month to average 20 hours of exercise in July, I had Friday off as well as Monday!  What a nice long weekend.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much sleeping in.  Friday I woke up with Matt getting ready, Saturday was the first football game, Sunday I had a photo shoot, and Monday we had the parents over – but really I just couldn’t sleep. Ugh!

The football game was good and both NC State and Auburn pulled out wins.  The State game was at noon though and OMG it was H O T!!!!  Thankfully our seats get some shade but by halftime I was done.  State had a good lead and well, I wanted a shower and not to die of heat stroke.

Sunday I had a photo shoot for a friend’s little girl.  She did pretty well for a 1 yr old and I think I got a few cute pics.  Again though it turned out to be pretty hot so I’m glad we met early.  Matt played golf in the afternoon and ended up getting rained out.  About 6pm a storm rolled through and the bottom fell out.  I finally texted Matt and told him I didn’t think they could wait it out.  He replied that he was on his way home.  It was so bad that we couldn’t even run out to grab food.  🙁

Yesterday we invited my parents over since Matt’s parents were stopping in for the night (they are headed on a road trip across country).  The day went really well and everyone had a nice time.  Matt grilled burgers and corn and everything tasted great.  I made a carrot cake so now we have leftovers.  YUM!

That was pretty much our weekend in a nutshell.

(Can I just say I’m really glad it’s another short week?)


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