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My favorite season!

Have I mentioned how excited I am for college football?  No?  Really?  Weird because I LOVE college football.  This past weekend kicked off the 2012-2013 season.  Unfortunately both our teams, Auburn and NC State lost.  Matt and I thought about going to the games since they were being played on Friday and Saturday in ATL but after watching the games, I have to admit I’m glad we didn’t spend the money.  I would have been pissed had we gone and both teams lost!  Booo!

I am also really excited for tailgating.  Matt and I have season tickets to NC State but the first home game is another week away.  The home schedule isn’t that great this year but since Mom and Dad will be moving back in a few weeks I’m hoping we can get a few extra tickets and them then and my cousin from Greensboro and her husband to a game.  I’m not sure mom and Krissy will totally but up for a game but I think we could get them to tailgate for a while.  I know the guys would be down for a game though.

With football season comes fall.  I’ve always thought spring was my favorite season but I am becoming increasingly more intrigued with fall.  Cool crisp fall mornings and days, boots and sweaters, brightly colored leaves.  Ahh!  All the good things.  🙂


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