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New carpet…

You bet your ass! YAY! We just met with the guy from Empire and our new carpet will be installed on MONDAY!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Clearly I am really more excited then one should be for carpet but I’ve been waiting for this for months now.

About 2 weeks ago we had Lowes come and give us an estimate. It was a little higher then I thought it would be so we decided to keep looking. Since we have a Costco membership I emailed in to have a consultation. Well the lady called me yesterday only to inform me she was “full the rest of this week, on vacation next so it will have to be mid July”. Oh and she cant do afternoons because of her kids. Are you kidding?!?! I tell her I’ll have to talk to my husband and call her back. At this point I’m pretty pissed off, like I’m ready to get this show on the road, so as I’m chatting with Matt he tells me to call Empire. I look on their site and see that I can schedule online, for the next day! Done!

I might have forgotten the guy was coming today, oopsy. Good thing Matt left work a little early because the guy shows up promptly at 5:00. I head home and figure it will take him a few minutes to measure the house. I get home just as he’s finishing up so we sit down and start discussing carpet options. He shows us the the full line and I have him quote us the bottom of the line and the middle one. I am shocked when he hands over the quote. He is almost 500.00 cheaper then lowes on the midgrade carpet. Umm, done! I pick a color, fill out the paperwork and in 10 minutes we are set for new carpet install on Monday!

I am so ready to get this stupid old crappy carpet out of our house. I cannot wait to see the new carpet. I think it will look and feel great! And I finally got my work laptop today so it was a pretty good day. 🙂


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