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Oh, you want hairbands?

Well then, here you go!

You may remember this post from last year when I did a product review for Twistbands. And this post a few days later. Well I never actually bought any elastic from Etsy because what did I do shortly after? I cut my hair. Too short to pull back. So my dreams of elastic by the yard ended. Now however, my hair is currently long enough to pull back and like any good girl, I go through hairbands like they are going out of style. Though I feel like Julio plays with/eats them? They just seem to disappear.

A few weeks ago I noticed a twistband in my cabinet. I hadn’t used this one before, but it also made me realize I was missing my black one. I finally found the black one in the drawer of my bedside table. Anyway, I started using these for my morning walks at work and guess what? They actually did pretty good. Though my hair was still a bit dented (I mean it’s so thin I don’t think anything would not not dent it) but not so much that I couldn’t take it down and let it fall out.

The other night I was bored and started thinking about hairbands, ended up on Etsy again, and purchased 12 yards of elastic. I’m getting 2 yards each in 6 different colors. Honestly I didn’t really care that the colors weren’t neutral. I just wanted elastic and this was the best deal I could find for under $10.00. Actually with shipping I spent less than $7.00 so I think that’s a pretty big win! I spent $6.00 for my 3 original “twistbands.” Matt and I figured up if I use 5 inches per band, I can make 72 hairbands. 😀 SCORE!



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