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  • SEC Champ to National Title

    Saturday was the SEC Championship game.  Third ranked Auburn played #5 Mizzou.  I thought this was kind of cool considering both teams were at the bottom of their divisions last year.  Both had improved and kicked ass.  I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous.  Mizzou is tough and I was scared the game might not go Auburn’s way.  The score was back and forth and by the end of  the first half, it was the highest scoring first half ever for an SEC championship game.

    My Tigers hung in there and were able to pull away from Mizzou in the second half and secure the win.  Then I got really nervous.  One of 3 things needed to happen for Auburn to go to the National Title game: # 2 Ohio State needed to lose to #10 Michigan State, #1 Florida State needed to lose to #20-something Duke, or Ohio State AND Florida State needed to lose.  Florida State losing was pretty improbable.  Both Ohio State and Florida State losing also seemed never impossible so that left Ohio State losing.

    Auburn had clearly played and beaten more and higher ranked teams than Ohio State (so really Auburn should have been #2 but the only way for Auburn to leapfrog OSU was to have them lose at this point.)  So when the Ohio State v. Michigan State game started Matt and I were rooting for good ol’ Sparty!  It was a close game but in the end Michigan State pulled out the win.  Matt and I were ecstatic!  This meant Auburn was going to Pasadena to play the National Title game at the Rose Bowl.  It also meant Michigan State was playing Stanford at the Rose Bowl.  (Just something else I thought was neat.)

    Auburn has had a miraculous season.  A season I never dreamed possible.  After such a disappointing season last year I was just hoping for a few more wins than losses this year.  Never did I believe we would end up back at the Title game.  Actually it never even crossed my mind, at least not till the very end of the season.

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!